Become An Affiliate

Earn 50% on Digital Product Sales!


We offer an affiliate program for digital product sales.

Here’s the scoop:

You can earn 50% of the retail price  when you sell a digital product,such as the “8 Weeks to Authorship” program.

All you have to do is sign up with e-Junkie, grab your affiliate links, and post them anywhere you like: to your blog, your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.

Join Our Affiliate Program

First, make sure you are signed up with e-Junkie by clicking this link:.  Join our Affiliate Program! the screen looks similar to this:


Next, use e-Junkie’s system to provide you with your affiliate link. Make sure you have selected “My Writers Connection” as the Merchant. The screen looks similar to this:


You can now either get the the common affiliate “hop link” (see “A” below) which will link you back to my product description page, or you can promote specific products (see “B” below). Option A is the easiest and recommended. The screen looks similar to this:


 Banner Ads

You are welcome to use one of the following ads on your blog or Web site. You can click on the images to see what they look like then simply right click on the ad, and then save it to your hard drive. You will need to upload this to your site, along with your affiliate code.