Am I a Writer?

Writing. Writing. Writing.

“I’m a writer.” Before you uttered those words, did you hesitate, unsure whether your prose (or poetry) qualified you? Is being paid to write the qualifier? Or is it simply the diligent practice of the art that allows the moniker? Perhaps one has to be paid well to say, “I’m a writer.” (Sorry, that cracked me up. Whoo. Okay. Back to business.)

Because writing is art, a calling of the soul, I believe those who practice it can truthfully and confidently claim to be writers. The love of words, the pacing of syllables, the delight in a well-turned phrase; culminating in the pursuit of perfectly expressing a thought or idea… this qualifies you as a writer.

To be a professional writer? A horse of a different color! To be a professional writer requires more than being able to write well; it means being able to write within a client’s expressed parameters. (And often, unexpressed parameters. Sigh.) Professional writing is training and reigning creativity to obey science as much as art.

But the simple act of payment isn’t the deciding factor. Regardless of money, crafting copy that conveys an idea well offers contentment and even solace; and qualifies you as a writer!