Indie Publish like a Pro

You’ve typed and edited and retyped, and finally, you’ve finished the first draft of your manuscript. Or maybe it’s the fourth. Regardless, you are ready to move from manuscript to published book. My Writers’ Connection’s well-qualified team of professionals will help you publish with confidence. 

Do you want to publish independently? Many of our clients want to self-publish (aka indie publish), but don’t have the time or desire to handle all the details of creating a top-quality book. If that’s you, MWC can help you Indie Publish like a Pro.

Our experienced team of editors, copy editors, proofreaders, layout artists, cover designers, and eBook and audio book creators will work with you through the collaborative process of publishing a book that is best-seller material. This professional-quality service includes the following:

  • Developmental Editing—An editor will take a hard look at your manuscript for content, message, flow, and readability. The editor will offer an objective review, make suggested edits, and pose questions to help make your manuscript its best. 
  • Copy Editing—When you are happy with the final, edited draft of your manuscript, a professional copy editor will review the book for punctuation, typos, spelling, grammar, and style corrections.
  • Custom Interior Layout—Your content will be laid out by an experienced book layout artist so that your book looks professional and is easy to read.
  • Custom Cover—People do judge a book by its cover. Our talented cover designers will collaborate with you to create the perfect cover for your book.
  • Proofreading—Our experienced, professional proofreaders will review your book one final time before your book goes to print.
  • Uploading Your Files to the Printer—MWC ensures all the files are properly formatted and uploaded to the printer. It’s just one more detail you don’t have to worry about.
  • eBook Creation—Expand your reach with a professionally created e-version of your book.

Additional Services (available at a separate rate)

  • Audio Book Creation—Audio books expand your reach even further by offering your message in audio format. A professional voice-over talent will bring your book to life. Our team will upload the files on the sales channels to ensure maximum quality and distribution.
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    Marketing Package—From press kits to posters to social media images, MWC has your marketing materials covered.
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    Developmental Editing Only—If you are working with a traditional publisher and want to make sure your manuscript is at its best before final submission, you may be a candidate for MWC’s developmental editing service. Quality publishers will offer copy editing and proofreading but they may not have someone on staff to help you work through and review your manuscript for flow, readability, content and message. This service ensures your message is clear and ready for the next step in your publishing journey.

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