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Do you remember chain letters? A letter arrived in the mail promising fortune, recipes or good luck. (I even received a few that promised free undies. Really!) The catch: You had to copy the letter (by hand because computers weren’t personal yet) and send it to seven friends (in the mail). If you failed to do so within 48 hours, the letter predicted loss, heartbreak… even death.

This writer’s blog tour reminds me a bit of a chain letter—without the dire warnings. And the tour doesn’t promise fame, fortune or underwear, but the chance to be encouraged and inspired to write, as well as the opportunity to meet a few new writers. That’s even better.

First, I want to thank Bob Wilson of for inviting me to be part of this tour. Click on over to his blog to see why he writes. I recently had the pleasure of talking with Barry Dunlap on his podcast about creativity and writing. He asked me the same question, “Why do you write?” Honestly, some days writing is all about paying the bills. Thankfully, my chosen profession is something I happen to enjoy. Here are a few of the reasons I write:

I write because I can’t imagine not writing. For me, writing is exciting, cathartic, energizing and fun! And when the subject matter challenges me, finding just the right words gives me a rush! It’s a game. It’s a means to an end. It’s part of who I am! I suffer the silliness I feel when wearing a bike helmet only because I want to protect my brain. I want to continue writing for a very long time.

I write because I love words. Words inspire me. They push me to do and be better. They comfort when times are hard and encourage when I’m feeling weary. The wall in my office is decorated not with pictures, but with words—letters from others and phrases that encourage me. When I make a vision board or goal poster, it’s packed with words and sprinkled with images. It’s no surprise to anyone that “words of affirmation” is my top love language. To me, words matter.

I write because it’s the most effective way for me to communicate. I tend to get tongue-tied when I’m speaking unless I’ve thought through what I want to say. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts so I can express them well. To that end, I’ve written letters when I couldn’t find my voice. I’ve written a book because I wanted to share something I’ve learned. I’ve written countless articles and blog posts because I want to help others grow in their careers, faith and lives.

I love that writing means different things to different people, and that the practice can serve so many purposes in our lives. As a writer, book coach and editor, I’ve had the privilege of working with life and business coaches, educators, experts, leaders and children’s authors who have amazing stories to share. Their messages are changing lives. I believe your words can do the same.

It’s an honor to introduce you to four of my writer friends. I encourage you to go see what they’re writing about.

Deana Nall

Deana-NallSince graduating with a B.A. in journalism-mass communication in 1994, Deana has written news articles, in-depth feature stories, opinion columns, book reviews and more for a number of publications including SUCCESS, Success from Home and Your Business at Home magazines, At Home in Arkansas, Arkansas Life, ACU Today (the award-winning alumni magazine of Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX) and the Baytown Sun, for which she wrote weekly humor columns that were recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors in 2002.

Deana completed her M.A. in professional and technical writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2013, and she teaches writing at University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Pulaski Technical College. She lives in the Little Rock area with her dashing husband and two radiant daughters.

Deana blogs at If you’re looking for a freelance writer, check out her work at (She’s one of my favorite freelancers!)

Lynne Watts

Lynne-WattsEncouraged to begin writing as a young child by her grandfather, Henry Clay Ferree, a writer for the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel, Lynne Watts is passionate about not only telling a good story, but living a good story as well.  As an elementary school counselor for twenty years in Canton, Georgia, she helped children solve hundreds of problems much like the ones her character, Wyatt, is faced with in the Wyatt the Wonder Dog book series.  Through her stories, she hopes to empower many more children to become successful problem solvers.

In addition to writing, Lynne enjoys coaching and speaking to women about understanding personality styles and working in their strengths, finding their passion and reinventing their life.  You can follow her story at and learn more about her adorable and smart children’s book series at

Grace Marshall

After earning a degree in International Management and Modern Language, Grace was primed and prepped to climb the corporate ladder. She worked hard, was good at her job, but before long she discovered an important truth about herself: Numbers don’t excite her; people do.

Since 2008, Grace has been running a coaching business, helping people grow personally and professionally. And in the process, she’s grown quite a bit in those areas as well. She is a certified NLP practitioner and DISC trainer, as well as a life coach and, most recently, a productivity ninja.

Grace lives in Stafford with her husband and two children. She blogs at Grace-Marshall.comVisit her site for encouragement, tips on life-balance and ideas for boosting your productivity.

Deborah Huso

Deborah-Huso-seated-vibrant-smallWhile Deborah R. Huso works out of a home office with what she believes to be one of the finest mountain views east of the Mississippi, she spends a lot of time on the road as an outdoor recreation writer for media ranging from to Alaska Airlines Magazine. Her writing has taken her on adventures snorkeling with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands and earning SCUBA diver certification in the Bahamas. She also writes regularly on health, nutrition, fitness, and sustainable living for publications like Mother Earth Living, USA Today magazines, FamilyFun, all you, and Women’s Health. She serves as contributing editor with The Progressive Farmer and formerly served as celebrity health columnist for Today’s Diet & Nutrition and as a daily contributor to AOL Health. Deborah also maintains a popular and edgy blog on love, life, and motherhood, “I Only Love You Because I Have To” at (Deborah is another one of my rock-star freelancers!)

Lynne Watts - July 27, 2014

Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog, Erin! I am so glad that you have chosen to be a writer! You are certainly making a dent in the universe with your writing, especially your latest book.

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