Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose

What’s my purpose? Who knows? The better question is this: Are you living on purpose?

1. Intentionally deciding your future

2. Creating an intentional plan to achieve it

3. Taking intentional action

If you think there’s more to it than that, then you’re just looking for an excuse to dream big and remain where you are. Living on purpose is not about discovering some hidden purpose for which you were designed and are (hopefully) lucky enough to locate. On purpose is a decision you make and action you take. You become intentional in word and deed. You take action on purpose. You share encouragement on purpose. You make an impact on purpose. You determine the difference you want or need to make, and then you turn those thoughts into reality—one intentional action at a time.

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Genre: Inspiration, Professional Growth & Personal Development
ISBN: 9781542633932
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