Shift This!

Shift This!

Establishing a student-led culture focused on individual responsibility and personalized learning is possible, sustainable, and even easy when it happens little by little. In Shift This!, Joy Kirr details gradual shifts in thinking, teaching, and approach for massive impact in your classroom.

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About the Book

Are you ready for a change in your classroom?

Do you want your classroom to be more student-led than teacher-driven?

Do you want to offer personalized learning that meets the needs of the individuals?

Do you want to build a sense of real community in your classroom and in your school?

It’s challenging to make big changes, particularly if you attempt to change everything at once. (Just think about all those New Year’s resolutions that revert to status quo by January 5th!) But real change is possible, sustainable, and even easy when it happens little by little.

In Shift This! educator and speaker Joy Kirr identifies how to make gradual shifts—in your thinking, teaching, and approach to classroom design—that will have a massive impact in your classroom. You’ll learn how to…

  • Shift learning to make it authentic and student-led.
  • Shift the classroom environment to make it a space in which students thrive.
  • Shift conversations and classwork to get kids thinking rather than repeating.
  • Shift away from homework and grades to keep the focus on learning.
  • Shift the way you spend your time at school so you have more time to enjoy life at home.

You can create the kind of classroom you’ve always dreamed of. Make the first shift today!

Genre: Teaching Methods & Materials
ISBN: 9781946444097
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