The Classroom Chef

The Classroom Chef

With imagination and preparation, every teacher can be The Classroom Chef using John Stevens and Matt Vaudrey’s secret recipes, ingredients, and tips that help students “get” math. Use ideas as-is, or tweak to create enticing educational meals that engage students.

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About the Book

“I just don’t get math.”

If you’re a math teacher, you probably can’t count the number of times you’ve heard students, parents, and even fellow teachers make a disparaging statement about your subject. As math teachers and instructional coaches, John Stevens and Matt Vaudrey know how discouraging it feels to look out into a classroom full of disinterested and confused students.

But they also know how amazing it feels to see comprehension dawn in their students’ eyes – when a concept suddenly makes sense and math becomes meaningful.

In The Classroom Chef, John and Matt share their secret recipes, ingredients, and tips for serving up lessons that engage students and help them “get” math. You can use these ideas and methods as-is, or better yet, tweak them and create your own enticing educational meals. The message the authors want to convey is that, with imagination and preparation, every teacher can be a Classroom Chef.

Far from bland or boring, the lessons and ideas in The Classroom Chef spark curiosity-and occasionally bewilderment and awe (yes, in math class).

After all, mullets, ziplines, and sharks aren’t standard topics for typical math classes.

But maybe they should be.

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Genre: Teaching Methods & Materials
ASIN: B01DX6X464
ISBN: 9780988217683
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