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To Write, or Not to Write (A Travel Book)?

Writing a travel book sounds glamorous and exciting. Imagine getting paid to travel! The thrill of exploring new places, and then telling other people where to go (or avoid).

In this post by guest blogger, freelance writer and travel book author Deborah Huso, you’ll read an insider’s perspective on travel guidebook writing. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Read it, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Continue reading

Writing the Book is Only the First Step

What a pleasure to speak with Joel Boggess of about the adventure of writing!

Click here to listen to the interview where you’ll hear Erin Casey talk with Joel about:

  • Branching out with your writing
  • Following your passion
  • Marketing your book
  • Increasing your income
  • How to combine work with pleasure

Want to join the adventure? Participate in a Workshop & Retreat.

Are You a Wannabe Traveler?

Millennium Bridge in front of the Tate Modern Museum in London, England

Do you love the idea of travel?

Does the thought of taking a weekend or a week to focus on your writing seem like a dream?

When Jenna and I were planning the London writers’ retreat, so many people commented, “I’d love to do that, but I can’t because….

“I can’t afford it.”

“I have to be home for family members.”

“I don’t have a passport.”

“I can’t be away that long.”

And on and on.

Here’s the truth: If you have a job and/or a family, it’s never easy to get away—even if getting away means secluding yourself at the local coffee shop for a few hours. Continue reading

Your Platform is Your Key to Publishing Success

What if a publisher sought you out and asked you to write a book? What a dream! But fortune like that only happens in the movies, right?

Not necessarily! Publishers approached business coach Carrie Wilkerson, aka The Barefoot Executive, because of her strong platform — they knew she had a following and that her audience would be excited to read her book.

In this guest blog, Carrie shares her advice for building your platform and gaining the credibility and visibility you need to be a successful author. Continue reading

You’ll Never Find Time to Write

Oprah has her list of things she knows “for sure.”  One thing we know “for sure” is that the idea of finding time to write is a myth.  It’s unlikely that a free hour will ever tap you on the shoulder. And if an hour does magically appear and by some amazing coincidence you have nothing on your to-do list at that moment, your kids, spouse, boss or the good, ol’ television have something lined up for you to do. Continue reading

Boost Your Creativity

Snakes really aren’t my thing. So when I had the “opportunity” to hold this monster, my gut reaction was “blech!”

My husband on the other hand was thrilled to let this python twist around his arms. He has owned a number of pets that I would kill (or demand that someone else kill) rather than cage… spiders, snakes, scorpions and the like. I don’t consider those creatures pets; to me they’re creepy, crawly threats.

But it isn’t very often that I have the chance to hold a snake of this size. Thankfully. Continue reading

Getting Started with Your Writing

Don't let questions keep you from getting started with your writing.

As much as we know we have a story to tell, questions pop up along the way and stop us in mid-sentence. Questions keep us from sending a query letter, or writing the first chapter, or delving into publishing, or marketing our finished pieces… We want to know that we’re doing it right. Well, sometimes there is no one right way. Sometimes just getting started is the right action to take. Continue reading

Give Thanks… in Writing

I loved the challenge Todd Smith proposed on his Little Things Matter blog this morning.

  • Make a list of everything you have to be thankful for.
  • Reflect on the blessings in your life — especially the people who encourage, support and love you.
  • Express your thanks to those people.

My challenge today is to express that thanks in writing… on paper. Continue reading