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Am I a Writer?

Writing. Writing. Writing.

“I’m a writer.” Before you uttered those words, did you hesitate, unsure whether your prose (or poetry) qualified you? Is being paid to write the qualifier? Or is it simply the diligent practice of the art that allows the moniker? Perhaps one has to be paid well to say, “I’m a writer.” (Sorry, that cracked me up. Whoo. Okay. Back to business.) Continue reading

Journals and Journaling

Journals. There’s something wholly enchanting about journals. They catch my eye in bookstores and discount marts alike. Particularly the spiral bound, with swirling designs. Is there a pen attached? Maybe an elastic strap to keep the ideas snug within? An inspirational verse embossed on the cover? Does it have a sale tag on it? Yes, yes! Maybe I should go ahead and get two! Continue reading

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