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Why You Should Do a 99 Cent Promo for Your Book

As a two-time self-published author, I tell people writing the book is the easy part. Marketing it, that’s the hard part. There seems to be no right or wrong answer on which route to take.

Before I published my first book, I looked into all kind of expert advice. Some claimed giving away your book for free for a few days was key to success. Then I talked to others who told me not to do give it away but to price it high. Some suggested to price it at 99 cents. Plus, of course, there’s the matter of trying to decide between Amazon KDP Select or just Amazon KDP.

We all want our books to be successful. We want to help and inspire people. And, of course, we want to claim that bestseller spot while making a decent income in the process.
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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Book

I love hearing great speakers present a well-crafted message. I especially love presentations when the speaker is an author whose books I’ve read. Even if we’ve never met, it feels as if we have a connection. I’m eager to hear my favorite authors speak because their message has already intrigued, entertained, or inspired me.

So when I learned that Lysa TerKeurst was scheduled to speak at an event about an hour down the road, I knew I would be there. TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the author of three New York Times bestsellers—and 16 others books. Of all 19 of her books, I’ve read one. And I only read that one last fall when Proverbs 31 did an online Bible study using The Best Yes as a study guide. She’d written 19 books in a genre that I enjoy reading and I had never even heard of her until last fall. Continue reading

Navigating the Changing Publishing Landscape

Not since the invention of movable type has the publishing industry experienced a revolution as dramatic as the one brought about by modern technology and the internet.


When my first book came out at the tail end of the 20th century, it was through a traditional publisher, with a contract secured by a traditional literary agent. Promotion was done through traditional media outlets. Fast forward to current times where tradition has been turned completely on its head. If you are just starting out on the road to publication, here are a few tips to help you navigate the changing landscape. Continue reading

How Ants Can Help You Win at Writing

How does an ant move a mountain?

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When I read Dan Miller’s workbook, Write to the Bank, I thought he was grossly exaggerating when he said writing was 5% of the job. The first draft of my first book was almost finished. It had been no quick feat. Surely the bulk of the work would be done when it was complete.

While Dan was emphasizing the importance of promotion, I discovered writing and publishing a book involve many steps. For me, that included a lot of learning.

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A Journey to Publication

Plumb-Crazy-800x1200Thanks to Molly Blaisdell for this guest post and candid story about writing, rejection and publication. After a many queries, reviews, revisions and a persistent belief in a good idea, her new YA book, Plumb Crazy, released June 4.

It’s not belief in an idea that leads to publication. A solid idea is necessary first step, but you will need to take many more steps to see a book published. It took me years to see my book Plumb Crazy come to publication. I hope that my journey will help you on yours.

I absolutely love reading, and I know that readers want heartfelt books. I’m always haunting bookstores, blogs and websites in search of my next great read. I wanted to write a book that would be picked up again and again. I hoped to create an old friend to journey with readers through their lives. I know that a good book has an irresistible core idea. I put much effort into this core idea. Continue reading

9 Ways to Make More Money as a Writer, Coach and Speaker

Writers, coaches and speakers want to add more moola to their businesses. If not, they don’t have a business. They have a hobby. Here are 9 ideas for how to make more money as a writer, coach and speaker.

 1. Book more live events and/or speaking engagements. Duh! But do you know what the fastest way is to book more live opportunities for yourself? It’s to give more and serve more. The better you become at serving people who plan meetings with no strings attached before they decide to book you, the more opportunities will open up for you. Continue reading

Don’t Overlook the Obvious (Book Launch Update)

Just YESTERDAY I realized that my new book, Get Personal, wasn’t featured on my website. Hmmm, does that make sense? 

onmysiteI’d created a website for the book itself, but then while reading an email from Tim Grahl about author websites being the author’s name, it hit me: I have a personal site, and I’m not maximizing it. Talk about a “DOH!” moment.

So, two lessons here:

1) Don’t forget about the most obvious places to promote your book…. Like your own site.

2) Make sure your book is connected to your name. I’m happy for my book to have its own site; it’s the beginning of a series that I want to grow. But Get Personal, though complementary to, is separate from my personal brand. That said, it should have been on my personal site from the day the book launched (or before)!

With a blinding flash of mental clarity, I made sure to post an article about my book on my personal website. I’ve tied it into my brand and my focus for the site: helping people tell their stories. (To be fair, I’d created a partial draft post about the book at some point but then got distracted or busy and completely forgot about it.)

BTW – If you don’t know Tim Grahl and you have a book to promote, check him out. Yes, he offers products with a hefty-ish price tag, but he’s also super-generous with his free content. I purchased his book, Your First 1000 Copies, and am reading it now. (Watch for a review.) Continue reading

Ready, Set, Book Launch!

My new book is available now on Kindle and the hard copy is with the printer. (YAY!!)Get-Personal-3dimage-small

Now the real work begins! Marketing. Ugh. I mean, yay!!

I thought it might be helpful on this site to document what I’m doing… what’s working and what isn’t.

Let me be honest, the marketing part of indie-publishing can be bit overwhelming to me. With so many experts and so much advice it’s hard to know where to start. Continue reading