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Don’t Overlook the Obvious (Book Launch Update)

Just YESTERDAY I realized that my new book, Get Personal, wasn’t featured on my website. Hmmm, does that make sense? 

onmysiteI’d created a website for the book itself, but then while reading an email from Tim Grahl about author websites being the author’s name, it hit me: I have a personal site, and I’m not maximizing it. Talk about a “DOH!” moment.

So, two lessons here:

1) Don’t forget about the most obvious places to promote your book…. Like your own site.

2) Make sure your book is connected to your name. I’m happy for my book to have its own site; it’s the beginning of a series that I want to grow. But Get Personal, though complementary to, is separate from my personal brand. That said, it should have been on my personal site from the day the book launched (or before)!

With a blinding flash of mental clarity, I made sure to post an article about my book on my personal website. I’ve tied it into my brand and my focus for the site: helping people tell their stories. (To be fair, I’d created a partial draft post about the book at some point but then got distracted or busy and completely forgot about it.)

BTW – If you don’t know Tim Grahl and you have a book to promote, check him out. Yes, he offers products with a hefty-ish price tag, but he’s also super-generous with his free content. I purchased his book, Your First 1000 Copies, and am reading it now. (Watch for a review.) Continue reading

Ready, Set, Book Launch!

My new book is available now on Kindle and the hard copy is with the printer. (YAY!!)Get-Personal-3dimage-small

Now the real work begins! Marketing. Ugh. I mean, yay!!

I thought it might be helpful on this site to document what I’m doing… what’s working and what isn’t.

Let me be honest, the marketing part of indie-publishing can be bit overwhelming to me. With so many experts and so much advice it’s hard to know where to start. Continue reading

Are You Networking?

Earning a living as a writer is about two things: writing well and connecting with the right people–your readers, editors, publishers, etc. (Some people would question whether you really need to be able to write well, but that’s another matter.)k-eyes-headshot

I’ve met most of the freelancers on my go-to list through networking. Someone knew so-and-so was a writer and introduced us. Sometimes those relationships last years and add up to thousands of dollars.

Many of the writing and editing jobs I’ve taken on have also been the result of networking. Not the kind of networking where you hunt people down, but the kind where you’ve done a great job for a client and they or one of their impressed contacts refers you to someone looking for your services. Continue reading

Self-Publishing is a Marathon

Self-publishing is a marathon, not a sprint.

A former editing client recently sent me an email that I want to share with you. I worked on his book last summer, and it went to press in September 2012. Since that time, Dave Burgess, the author of Teach Like a Pirate, has experienced some impressive success as a self-published author. He offers some nice kudos for my work (Thanks, Dave!), but the truth is, writing and producing a top-quality book is only the first step in the self-publishing marathon. He has continued strong and steady in the race and is now enjoying the rewards.  Continue reading

A Video Trailer is Your Book’s Virtual Cover

A somewhat frustrated author told me recently, “It feels like I have to sell every book.” She’s right. Getting noticed is tough business, even for the best of authors published with the “big” houses.

To have a hope of getting your potential readers to pay attention,  you need a strong marketing plan. As guest blogger and owner and executive producer of Trailer to the Stars Misty Taggart puts it, you have to be creative and you must meet people where they are. One way to do both is by adding a video book trailer to your promotion tools.  Read on as Misty explains how a book trailer can help boost your book sales. Continue reading

Do You Need a Book Agent?

You have an idea for a book. Or maybe you’ve already written a book (or two). Now you need an agent, right? Well, maybe. In this guest post, Molly Blaisdell, a prolific children’s book author, explains when and why you might want to engage an agent. With all the changes going on in the publishing industry, you may find that moving forward without an agent is a viable option. Continue reading

Writing the Book is Only the First Step

What a pleasure to speak with Joel Boggess of about the adventure of writing!

Click here to listen to the interview where you’ll hear Erin Casey talk with Joel about:

  • Branching out with your writing
  • Following your passion
  • Marketing your book
  • Increasing your income
  • How to combine work with pleasure

Want to join the adventure? Participate in a Workshop & Retreat.

Your Platform is Your Key to Publishing Success

What if a publisher sought you out and asked you to write a book? What a dream! But fortune like that only happens in the movies, right?

Not necessarily! Publishers approached business coach Carrie Wilkerson, aka The Barefoot Executive, because of her strong platform — they knew she had a following and that her audience would be excited to read her book.

In this guest blog, Carrie shares her advice for building your platform and gaining the credibility and visibility you need to be a successful author. Continue reading