Do You Know Your Audience?

You may have a powerful message to share, but your book isn’t for everyone.

The first question you should ask when writing anything is Who is the audience? Defining your audience before you write the first word will help you craft a message that hits the mark.

You’ll need to understand your readers’:

  • goals
  • hopes
  • beliefs
  • dreams
  • values
  • hang ups
  • fears
  • motives

You’ll also need to know when and how they read. You must understand why they would pick up your book and what they expect from it, so you can best understand how to meet or address those expectations.

The goal is to be in tune with your readers, so you can deliver the message they need to hear in a way that they are willing to receive it.

Get crystal clear about whom you are writing for and what their needs are. Your objective is to write to your readers as if you were a friend who also happens to be an expert in your field.

When you understand your readers, you can relate to them in a genuine and engaging way that motivates them to action.

Share your thoughts: What do you find most challenging about understanding and writing for your audience?

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