How to Give a Great Interview

You want the world—or at least your niche—to know about your book, but how do you get the message out? Interviews, particularly radio shows and podcasts, can be an extremely effective medium for spreading the word.

I get that. I know that interviews are important, but they also make me a little nervous. As a writer, I’m generally on the other side of the conversation—the side asking the questions. I want to get better at being interviewed, and I know I’m not alone in that desire. That’s why I asked Tim Knox, host of Interviewing Authors, to share his advice on how to give a great interview.

A talk radio host, syndicated columnist, and Amazon bestselling author, Tim interviews authors across all genres and success levels. His podcast focuses on the process of writing and publishing, from having a spark of an idea to becoming a successfully-published author.

In this interview, I turned the tables and ask Tim the questions. You’ll want to take notes as he shares:

  • Why podcasts and media interviews are effective as a way for authors to market their books.
  • How to prepare the interviewer for the interview.
  • How to prepare yourself for the interview.
  • Why authors need to get excited about sharing their books—and how to do so without sounding phony.
  • What you should never do if you want to be invited back.
  • Why you’ve got to get over the fear of selling your book.
  • What to do when/if the interviewer throws a curve ball and asks a question you’re not prepared to answer.
  • How to maximize the marketing power of your interview. (Tip: Ask for the MP3 file.)

Listen now:


Free Download from Tim: 20 Tips for Doing Awesome Audio Interviews.

If you’re interested in a doing an interview with Tim that you can use as a promotional tool or if you’re an unpublished author who would like to be interviewed, check out Tim Knox’s “Interview You” program page.


[guestpost]Tim Knox - Interviewing AuthorsTim Knox is a sought-after corporate speaker and comedian, published author, talk radio host, syndicated business columnist, and serial entrepreneur. His unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who listen to his radio show, read his books and columns, and hear him speak every year. Connect with him at[/guestpost]

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Angela - June 7, 2015

Erin, great podcast! The tips were very helpful. Thanks.

    Erin K Casey - June 9, 2015

    Thanks, Angela. I’m glad you found it helpful! Tim’s advice is excellent!

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