Behind the Scenes Publishing

You’re running a successful business.You’ve built a brand, a following, a strong tribe. 

Maybe you have already published a book and have used it to take your success to new levels. You understand that books can help your clients grow their businesses—thereby growing your business. 

You aren’t in the book business and don’t want to add anything else to your already busy schedule. But what if you could add a publishing division to your company—without the work and hassle of managing a publishing department?

MWC’s Behind the Scenes Publishing service provides writing and editing as well as interior layout, cover design, eBook formatting, audio production, and marketing materials. This exclusive service helps our clients build their brands, businesses, reach, and potential profits while empowering their clients to succeed. 

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Takes my work to the next level

I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to work with a team like you! Thank you for pushing my work to be better and for creating a layout and design that takes my work to the next level.

Kara Knollmeyer-author of Unleash Talent

You and your team are unreal.

Erin! We are absolutely in love with this book! It’s amazing! When you flip through it is full of images, sketchnotes, photos, and icons that help shape understanding but also break up the text so seamlessly. You and your team are unreal. Tell me, are you proud of this work?!?! You must be!! It’s awesome!! We truly feel like we hit this one out of the park. Readers are going to LOVE it!!

Trevor MacKenzie-coauthor of Inquiry Mindset

I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to work with you

Your work is absolutely beautiful. I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to work with you. I am reeling in every bit of learning from you that I possibly can.

Ryan Sheehy-author of Be the One for Kids

Thank you so much for all your help and work

Thank you so much for all your help and work. I am getting such great feedback thus far and your support, guidance and feedback was so incredible. I was intimidated by the concept of writing a book and you demystified it for me in a way that made it so much more enjoyable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ramsey Musallam-author Spark Learning

I am so excited!

I am so excited!! Thank you all for making this become a reality!

Joy Kirr-author of Shift This!

You are a blessing!

I couldn’t have done it without you! You are a blessing!

Kim Bearden-author of Talk to Me

Would not be the same without you!

Thank you for all of the incredible work you do for our authors! You truly have the magic touch!! DBC, Inc. would not be the same without you!

Dave Burgess-publisher and author of Teach Like a PIRATE

Thank you again for making it a better book and making me a better writer

Hi, Erin! I have gotten a few really sweet e-mails from readers who have made strong connections to Unmapped Potential. I know that your skill and expertise made the message clear for them. You eliminated the distractions and added an elegance that wasn’t there in the original draft . . . . I wanted to thank you again for making it a better book and making me a better writer. You really do rock!

Julie Hasson-coauthor of Unmapped Potential

This looks amazing!

This looks amazing! Kudos to the entire team for pulling this project together.

A.J. Juliani-coauthor of Empower

Thanks for all you and your crew did to make it so wonderful!

I wanted to tell you Erin that we have gotten TONS of positive feedback about the format of the book. People just love it and they love the lines on the side for taking notes. Thanks for all you and your crew did to make it so wonderful!

Marlena Hebern-coauthor of The EduProtocol Field Guide