The 3 Most Difficult Steps to Easy Success

“How the heck do you do everything you do?”

ID-100315491I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question throughout my life.

Most people expect some simple answer that will fix that part of their life that causes sleepless nights, family fights, the “I wanna puke” feeling and worst of all, shame and emptiness.

Here’s the reality: Success has never been easy. It’s never happened overnight, and, without your best effort every stinkin’ day, it can’t happen!

As an IRONMAN, police commander, business owner, national speaker, published author and a guy who has an incredible wife and two kids, I use the same 3 STEP FORMULA to make sure every area of my life is dialed in each DAY. I use it to maximize my effort and efficiency. Here’s how an IRONMAN does it:

  1. TAKE AN INVENTORY YOUR LIFE — Divide your life into slices of a pie. Each slice represents a part of your life where it is IMPERATIVE to succeed. Your family, finances, business, your physical fitness, etc. Review each area individually and ask yourself whether you are pleased with how it’s going or if it needs attention. Take the ones that you’re happy with and keep doing the same thing for now. We’re going to focus on the areas that make you sick. Now you have a heading, a picture of what demands your time and attention. Without doing an inventory of your life, you can go years not knowing why you’re not succeeding when the whole time it was right in front of you.
  2. MAKE A PLAN TO GET CONTROL — It’s great to find out where you’re bleeding, but you’ve got to stop the bleeding by using direct pressure. Once the bleeding is stopped, you can heal. This same concept needs to be applied to the areas of your life that need repair. Is it finances? Get the Financial Freedom Pack from LIFE Leadership. Is it fitness? Get Shawn T’s INSANITY, P90X, The Abs Diet or Bill Phillips’ Body for Life program. Is it business? Study John Maxwell or Stephen Covey. It doesn’t matter what area you need help, there is always a plan to follow and win.
  3. WORK YOUR GUTS OUT — There is no easy way to succeed without working hard. If done the right way, you will be tired, hurt, scared, harassed and inconvenienced. DO IT ANYWAY! When I am training I know it will cost me, the question I ask myself when the poison of defeat starts to invade my body is: Am I willing to pay that price? You bet I am! I want as much as this life will ever give. Do you?

So there you go, three of the most difficult steps to easy success. Don’t just read this and not respond. You owe it to yourself to be great! Success is always your best effort over time.

[guestpost]_BL_0475Chris Swanson is a human transformation expert and the author of Tinman to Ironman. You can connect with him at[/guestpost]



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