What Do You Do?

The focus of the recent retreat MyWritersConnection.com retreat was Sharing Your Message. To effectively share your message, you must first be clear about your message–your topic of expertise.

In The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice, Brendon Burchard notes there are three types of experts: the results expert, the research expert, and the role model. Or, you can reach what he calls the “guru trifecta” when you master all three. To reach guru status requires that you help people get results with the wisdom you’ve earned over the years, share the knowledge you’ve acquired through intense research and study, and teach people by example of your own success.

If you’re a coach (or are working to become one), consultant, motivator or educator, get clear about your specific topic of expertise. Narrow it down so you can really master it. Anyone can be a generalist, but it requires focus to become an expert people trust enough to spend their hard-earned money with.

The question is:  What do you do? Leave a comment below and share your answer. The challenge: Answer the question in 20 words or less.

Use this exercise to sharpen the focus of your message so you can increase your credibility as an expert in your market.


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