What to Know BEFORE You Write A Book

I need to write a book.

 I want to write a book.

 Someone told me I should write a book about my experiences or expertise.

 A book would be a good way to market my services or leverage my knowledge. 

 If any of these statements sound familiar, it’s time to take the next step and decide if you’re really going to write that book. Answering the following questions may help you work through the deliberation stage. (No dice required.)

  1. Why do you think you need a book?
  2. What do you hope your book will do for you? What are your goals for your book? Do you hope to write a best-seller? Do you want a deliverable for speaking engagements–something to sell at the back of the room? Do you want a book to boost your credibility with prospects?
  3. List any other books that are already available on your topic.
  4. What information or points of view can you offer that would make your book different from those already available?
  5. Who is your book for? Note: It is not for “everyone.” Every book has a specific audience. Who comprises yours? Be specific.
  6. Are you already connected with an audience? Do you know people who will buy your book? How can you increase your audience and their loyalty to you?
  7. Are you willing to spend considerable amounts of time promoting your book? Unless you’re using your book as a business card, you’ll need to develop and carry out a smart marketing plan.

Before you commit to the process of writing a book, you’ll want to know your reason, your points of differentiation and your audience. Getting clear about these three things will bring focus and help reduce frustration as you write. Also, realize that writing is only part of the process. Marketing is essential if you want to sell more than a handful of books.  

Are you ready to write a book? The 8 Weeks to Authorship program will help you develop and stick to a doable writing plan.

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